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Easy Charge

Easy Charge

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Extreme brightness: easily rechargeable via USB, long battery life

  • Incl. USB-charging station with plugless magnetic contact
  • No memory effect: Can be charged at any time to maintain constant brightness
  • 100 % waterproof

 Larger Leuchties for breeds such as Leonberger's and Newfoundlands are available as special orders - if you wish for a Leuchtie sized 57.5cm and above, please contact us.

The following colours tend to be perceived as the brightest:

Green Transparent,  Turquoise, White, Neon green, Lavender (transparent tube) and Ice Blue

 If the dog is usually near you and has short fur around the neck, or if you have light-sensitive eyes, colours with a slightly lower luminosity would be recommended ; Red, Sunset Orange, Sunny Yellow, Hot Pink

Please note that for technical reasons not all LED colors are available in every model. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Easy handling
      LEUCHTIE is only slipped over the dog’s head and switches on automatically by sensor when the battery compartment points downwards. If the battery part is hung up or facing skyward, it will automatically turn off after approx. 1 minute.

    • Extreme brightness without fading 
      The strong luminosity remains constant with weekly recharging. This way, your dog is clearly visible from all sides and hundreds of metres away, guaranteeing the greatest safety possible for dogs and humans.
    • 100 % waterproof
      Swimming and diving are easily possible.
    • Extra long burn time of at least 25 hours
      Charge only once a week overnight thanks to energy-efficient technology and the latest LEDs.
      The colour “green, transparent tube (extra bright)” offers approx.120 hours runtime per charge, all other colours at least 25 hours.
    • Operation with 2 standard rechargeable batteries
      - commercially available: nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries (NiMH), 1.2 V, 
      - robust and reliable: deliberate avoidance of lithium-ion batteries 
      - powerful: at least 25 hour burn time per charge
      - very low self-discharge (LSD)
      - replaceable if necessary: no new LEUCHTIE is required
      - no memory effect: can be recharged flexibly at any time.

      Charge your LEUCHTIE once a week overnight (alternatively after 10 - 15 hours of operation).

      This has the following advantages:
      - maximum burn time and brightness due to full batteries
      - shorter charging times
      - optimal protection of the batteries (more charging cycles)

  • Flexible power supply
    Thanks to the USB-charging station you can conveniently recharge the LEUCHTIE using a PC or a power supply unit.
  • Durable and reliable
    LEUCHTIE stands for the highest quality: Extremely robust and absolutely reliable with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers worldwide since 2003.
  • Protection against loss
    An attachment loop is included to affix the LEUCHTIE to a collar or harness.
  • Intense colors
    Thanks to eye-catching colours dogs are clearly visible over long distances and are easy to distinguish in the dark.
    Since 2003, we have been crafting LEUCHTIEs at our facility in Weiden / Bavaria.
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