Put the LEUCHTIE together correctly

Correct connection of battery compartment and light tube

Please always ensure a correct connection between battery compartment and light tube. Otherwise the connection may open too easily or loose contacts may occur.

Assemble the LEUCHTIE correctly:

The silicone sleeves are located on both sides centrally on the transition from battery part to light tube and do not show any defects.

A) The LEUCHTIE is completely closed up to the stop: there is no gap between the light tube and the battery compartment.

B) The sleeve end with the annular bead sits on the battery pack on both sides.

Possible sources of error

LEUCHTIE is not completely closed:

The light tube is not completely inserted into the battery compartment. A gap can be seen between the light tube and the battery pack.

Incorrectly attached silicone sleeves:

The sleeve is not pulled all the way to the stop on the battery part - it sits too far on the light tube.





The sleeve is pulled beyond the stop of the battery part - it is too far on the battery compartment.

The sleeve is attached the wrong way round. The sleeve end with the ring bead must be on the battery compartment.


Kinked battery compartment:

The edge of the battery compartment has been accidentally kinked when the light tube was inserted into the battery compartment.

As a result, the light tube cannot be inserted completely into the battery part up to the stop.

In comparison, a correctly seated battery compartment with the sleeve attached.

The spring is missing or bent


Please contact us for advice

How do I fix the attachment loop?

Included in the scope of delivery of each LEUCHTIE is a fixation loop, which serves as loss protection.

In order to secure the LEUCHTIE to a collar/ harness with the enclosed fixation loop, pull the open end of the tube through both transparent rubber rings of the loop.


  1. Press tube and battery pack firmly together as far as it can go. There must be no gap between the battery pack and the tube.Make sure that the light tube is firmly seated on the battery part.

My LEUCHTIE doesn't switch on

Possible causes may be:

The energy is used up: Please insert two new batteries for the battery-powered models Mini and Plus or recharge the Easy Charge model immediately.

The batteries were inserted the wrong way round when changing the batteries: Information on the battery change can be found via the FAQ dropdown.

The battery pack has been placed the wrong way round on the tube: Please check this with the linked information on changing the batteries.

The LEUCHTIE is not closed correctly: Press the battery pack and the tube firmly together on both sides as far as it will go - there must be no gap between the battery part and the tube.

The contact springs are defective: The springs protruding from the ends of the tube on both sides are either not straight or not tightly screwed into the nut.

The batteries have leaked: If you notice battery acid in the battery part or discoloration on the plastic sockets at the ends of the tube, on wires or on the cable inside the light tube, please contact us.

My LEUCHTIE flashes

A rhythmic flashing on the Premium and Premium Easy Charge models (version up to 2020) indicates that the energy is used up. Please change the batteries of your LEUCHTIE Premium or recharge your Premium Easy Charge immediately.

If your LEUCHTIE flashes arrhythmically, there is probably a loose contact

My LEUCHTIE has a loose contact

If your LEUCHTIE has a loose contact please check whether:

  • the LEUCHTIE is firmly connected on both sides: the battery pack and the tube must be fully pushed together so that no gap is visible between the battery pack and the tube.
  • both springs, which protrude from the tube, are straight and tightly screwed into the nut and show no discoloration.
  • the edges of the battery compartment are not kinked and therefore the tube cannot be pushed on as far as it will go.
  • the silicone sleeves are located centrally over the transition from the tube to the battery pack (the end of the silicone sleeves with the ring bead is located on the battery part).
  • the silicone sleeves fit tightly and have no defects.
  • the inside of the silicone sleeves and the ends of the tube over which the sleeves sit are clean, dry and especially free of grease. Because of the sebum deposits of the dog's coat, we recommend cleaning the sleeves with warm water and washing-up liquid if necessary (rinse well and allow to dry completely). Please do not use any aggressive or solvent-based cleaning agents.
  • the LEUCHTIE is attached to the collar / harness and tension on the fixation loop, especially when the dog lowers its head, causes a short loss of contact or even the opening of the LEUCHTIE.

If necessary, a little contact spray on the springs / battery poles can also help.

If you cannot solve the problem please contact us.

Do I need to charge my LEUCHTIE  Easy Charge over the summer?

Before taking the LEUCHTIE out of operation because it won't be used for a longer period of time (e.g. over the summer), please charge it completely until the green and red LEDs of the charging station light up together.

You can also recharge it in between, during the summer.
Please make sure that you store it upright with the black battery section facing upwards to prevent it from switching on unintentionally and thus discharging. This would harm the batteries.
If this is not ensured, you can also remove the battery compartment.
This way, your LEUCHTIE will be ready for the next dark season.