Which Colour?

The brightness of each LEUCHTIE depends on both the model and the LED colour. Within a model, the luminosity of the different colours varies. Therefore, in addition to the personal taste, the respective requirements on the LEUCHTIE are also important for the selection, e. g. how long and dark is the coat on the neck or how far away is the dog.

The following colours tend to be perceived as the brightest:

1) green in a transparent tube (extra bright) (only available in Easy Charge)

2) turquoise

3) white

4) lavender (transparent tube)

5) ice blue (transparent tube)

6) neon green.

If the dog is usually near you and has short fur around the neck, or if you have light-sensitive eyes, colours with a slightly lower luminosity would be recommended, e.g.

  • red
  • sunset orange
  • sunny yellow
  • hot pink

Please note that for technical reasons not all LED colours are available in every model. Thank you for your understanding.


In order to provide you with the best possible support in your choice of colour, we make every effort to ensure that the colours shown in all photos and illustrations are faithful to the original. However, we ask for your understanding that these may vary depending on the screen and settings available and may deviate from the original colours.