Product Overview

The LEUCHTIE LED collar is an extraordinarily robust, 100% waterproof and therefore particularly durable glow in the dark collar. Thanks to its extremely bright continuous light, your dog can be clearly seen from a long distance (several hundred meters) and all sides from the beginning of dusk. Thus, your dog is reliably protected from danger in the darkness.

Our illuminated dog collars are available in different models, tailored to your personal requirements, and in many intense fluorescent colours. 

Two powerful battery-powered light band models and a USB rechargeable version are available:

Especially for small dogs you will find the extra light Leuchtie Mini

For larger dogs, you will get two collars with different operating modes to choose from: An LEUCHTIE night light with batteries and one for charging via USB.

LEUCHTIE PLUS operates with two AAA Batteries. Thanks to the extremely long burn time of approx. 100 h, it has been our bestseller for years. 

LEUCHTIE EASY CHARGE is charged with a USB cable with a very long runtime per charge: It only needs to be recharged once a week overnight to keep the extreme brightness constant.

All models of the luminous dog collar LEUCHTIE are characterized by various technical innovations:

First, our glowing collar is particularly easy to use in everyday life: It is simply placed over the dog's head as a closed ring and switches on and off automatically thanks to our sensor electronics. This offers many advantages: We can simply omit a sensitive on and off switch, for example. In addition, simply slipping the collar over the dog’s head in closed state prevents water and dirt from getting inside and components from wearing out.

Secondly, a special electronic control system achieves both extreme brightness and an unusually long lighting duration.

Both of these factors contribute decisively to the fact that our illuminated collar for dogs is extremely robust and stable. It withstands wild romping or rolling around without any problems and is extremely insensitive to dirt and absolutely waterproof (not only splash-proof). This makes our dog collars very durable and, in combination with the extremely bright LEDs, provides your dog with reliable protection in the dark.

Due to these convincing features the LED dog collar LEUCHTIE is not only used when walking at night but also in the professional sector, e. g. in many rescue dog teams as well as with service dogs and hunting dogs. Because of the extremely bright light, the dogs equipped with LEUCHTIEs are not only visible from a very long distance and from all directions, but can also be easily distinguished from each other based on different colours and colour combinations.