General Questions

Does the LEUCHTIE have different light settings?


We deliberately do not have different light settings, such as hectic flashing or the like. In our experience, many dogs are unsettled by blinking, especially when it is fast or arrhythmic. Also oncoming dogs often react irritated - tense encounters and conflicts can be the result. In addition, for many dog owners, a flashing light collar is very disturbing.

Therefore we have designed the LEUCHTIE out of conviction - based on our many years of experience as dog owners - in such a way that they shine exclusively as a very bright permanent light. This helps making dogs feel much more secure and comfortable in the dark.

In addition, the luminosity of the LEUCHTIEs is so strong that they make dogs clearly visible from all sides even over long distances - so it is absolutely unnecessary to attract additional attention by an annoying blinking mode.

Does the LEUCHTIE dazzle me?

No, even for us humans the strong luminosity of the LEUCHTIE is very seldom disturbing. But the individual perception of brightness can obviously differ. If your eyes are very sensitive, we recommend that you choose your LEUCHTIE to match:

  • Order a colour that has a slightly weaker luminosity, such as sunset orange, sunny yellow or hot pink.
  • Choose a LEUCHTIE with a coloured tube, not a transparent one. This is especially recommended if the dog is usually near you and has short coat on the neck.

Does the bright light bother my dog?

No, LEUCHTIE's do not obstruct dogs, because they shine as a bright permanent light. We deliberately avoid hectic flashing or other light settings out of conviction, in order not to unsettle your own dog as well as other dogs and not to disturb us humans. On the contrary, it often happens that the bright continuous light of the LEUCHTIEs helps making dogs feel much more secure and comfortable in the dark.

In this way, the safety of your dog and also that of our fellow human beings when going for a walk and in traffic is significantly improved

If your dog has problems putting on a collar / harness, we recommend making sure that the LEUCHTIE only starts to glow when the dog is wearing it.  Place it over the head with the battery pack pointing upwards and simply twist it around to light it once on your dog. 

How do I know which LEUCHTIE model I have?

To identify which LEUCHTIE model you have, please look at the size sticker on your LEUCHTIE. Currently sold LEUCHTIE's have the model name on the size sticker. Please be aware that the model you have may now be discontinued.

For older LEUCHTIE's, you can tell the model by the colour of the sticker:

silver sticker: LEUCHTIE Standard or Plus

black sticker: LEUCHTIE Premium or Premium Easy Charge

white sticker: LEUCHTIE Plus, Plus Easy Charge or Pro Easy Charge

Where are the electronics in the LEUCHTIE?

The electronics of the LEUCHTIE are in the tube. In the battery pack are only either 2 standard batteries or 2 rechargeable batteries inserted, depending on the model.

Does the LEUCHTIE also work with long-haired dogs?

Yes. Thanks to very bright LED's, all LEUCHTIE's offer great brightness and safety for your dog.

But there are differences in luminosity:

The longer, denser and darker the coat of your dog is, the stronger the luminosity of the LEDs should be. The following colours tend to be perceived as the brightest and most conspicuous: 1) green in a transparent tube (extra bright), 2) turquoise, 3) lavender, 4) white, 5) ice-blue.


How does the phosphorescent (glow in the dark) battery pack work?

The phosphorescent battery pack glows after being illuminated with light, slowly releasing the previously recorded ambient light in the dark. How bright it shines, depends on the amount of light previously recorded.
With the phosphorescent battery part, the LEUCHTIE can be easily located when it is off or has opened, in the unfortunate event the dog should lose it.

Is the light collar waterproof?


All LEUCHTIE models are 100 % waterproof. Even swimming and diving are easily possible.

How do the LEUCHTIE models differ?

Please find the differences between the LEUCHTIE models on our product overview page.

Is a LEUCHTIE heavy?

No, LEUCHTIEs are very light and comfortable for dogs to wear.
By using filigree components, often custom-made products developed together with our suppliers, they meet the special requirements of small and light dogs.
The weight of a LEUCHTIE depends on its size:
Mini LEUCHTIEs weigh approx. 55 g, the models for the bigger dogs, from size 35cm weigh approx. 110 g.

Please note: The robust looking battery pack is not solid: it consists of the tubular battery compartment and a cover on both sides. Therefore this also has a very low weight and does not hinder the dog.

Which colours are brightest?

In addition to the models designed for different requirements, the LED colour also has an effect on the brightness of the LEUCHTIE: The luminosity of the different colours varies. Therefore, in addition to the personal taste, the respective requirements on the LEUCHTIE are also important for the selection, e. g. how long and dark is the coat on the neck or how far away is the dog. The following colours tend to be perceived as the brightest:

1) Green in a transparent tube (extra bright), 2) Turquoise, 3) Lavender, 4) White, 5) Ice blue.

If the dog is usually near you and has short coat on the neck, colours with a slightly lower luminosity would be recommended, such as Sunset Orange, Sunny Yellow or Hot Pink.

Which size does my dog need?

LEUCHTIE will be placed over the dog's head as a closed ring and turns on and off automatically.

Consequently, for choosing the right size you have to measure the dog's head circumference, not the neck (for exceptions see point 3).

  1. Please put a tape measure tightly around the widest part of the dog’s head, just in front of the ears.
    If you don't have a tape measure, please use a piece of string which you can use around the head and then measure with a ruler. Please measure tightly.
  2. Select the LEUCHTIE size closest to this measurement from the list provided.
    If you measure between two sizes, please choose the smaller size preferably.
  3. If your dog has a larger neck than head circumference,  due to dense, long-haired fur on the neck (eg Australian Shepherd, Collie, Newfoundland etc.) then measure the neck circumference and select the larger size closest to that measurement. 

LEUCHTIE Plus and Easy Charge are available in the following sizes (in cm [inch]):
35cm (14"),  37.5cm (15")   40cm (16")   42.5cm (17")

45cm (18")  47.5cm (19")    50cm (20")   52.5cm (21")

55cm (22")  57.5cm (23")    60cm (24")  62,5cm (25") 

65cm (26")  67.5cm (27")    70cm (28")

LEUCHTIE Mini is available in the following sizes:
25cm (10") , 27.5cm (11") , 30cm (12") , 32.5cm (13")


Breed examples (these are only examples as a guide):
• 35 - 37.5: Terrier, Whippet (approx. 10 - 16 kg)
• 40 - 42.5: Border Collie, Spaniel (approx. 17 - 25 kg)
• 45 - 47.5: Dalmatian, Irish Setter (approx. 26 - 31 kg)
• 50 - 52.5: Retriever, German Shepherd (approx. 32 - 37 kg)
• 55 - 57.5: Hovawart, Rhodesian Ridgeback (approx. 38 - 43 kg)
• 60 - 62.5: Bernese Mountain Dog, Rottweiler (approx. 44 - 51 kg)


Why does the LEUCHTIE not have a switch?

Our LEUCHTIEs have been working since 2003 according to the principle “What's not there can't break".

Our goal at that time was to combine the simplest handling with the highest functionality: That's why we don't turn the LEUCHTIE ON and OFF in daily use - we deliberately do without a failure-prone switch. So nothing can wear out and water or dirt cannot even penetrate. Result: LEUCHTIEs are absolutely waterproof, very robust and extremely durable. And because this has worked so well for many years now, we have remained true to this principle.