Easy Charge Charging

My LEUCHTIE does not charge

Possible causes may be:

  • The charging station is not connected to a power source: The green diode is not lit.
  • The LEUCHTIE is not closed correctly: the battery pack and the tube must be fully pushed together so that no gap is visible between the battery pack and the tube.
  • The charging contacts are dirty: Check and clean the magnetic contacts. Adhering metal particles can be easily removed from the magnets with adhesive tape.

If you cannot solve the problem,please contact us.

How do I charge a LEUCHTIE Easy Charge model?
Charge the battery pack before using the LEUCHTIE for the first time.
  • Please charge the battery pack as early as possible:
    • We recommend charging the batteries once a week or after approx. 10 – 15 hours burn time overnight.
    • The maximum brightness of your LEUCHTIE is maintained.
    • This leads to a longer battery life (no deep discharge).
    • It guarantees the greatest possible operational capability.
  • If the LEUCHTIE is not used for a longer period of time (e. g. in summer), please fully charge the batteries before taking it out of operation.

Recharging the Easy Charge:

  • Connect the USB cable of the charging station to a USB power source (e.g. USB power supply unit or USB socket of a car/ PC, etc.).
  • The green LED of the charging station indicates that it is ready for use.
  • Place the charging contacts of the LEUCHTE onto the charging station. The magnetic charging contacts will automatically align.
  • The red LED shows that the batteries are recharging.
  • The batteries are charged as soon as the green LED starts to light up in addition to the red LED.